Necklace Size Guide For Men: How To Measure Necklace Length

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Regarding leather necklaces, we do not recommend anything wider than 6mm even if you are a big guy, or it ‘ll make you look like you have a dog collar around your neck. When choosing a chain necklace, is important to consider the width, which is determined by the statement you want to make. As a general rule, select a chain that fits your size. When you have three or four pendants and a few extra chains or cords, you’ll have over a dozen different necklace options.

Necklace Lengths and Names

Oval links are the most common and have a fairly simple, traditional appearance. Instead, seek out something matte or dark, if not slightly tarnished and oxidized in appearance. Beyond strict silver and gold, gun metal captures the shine in small doses, and solid black adds an understated touch to something that’s an otherwise bold choice. Yet, although the accessory itself has garnered a reputation on par with Von Dutch hats, its roots, as with many menswear pieces, go back to a more practical origin. Specifically, chain wallets in their more modern form gained some degree of popularity in the 1950s, especially amongst biker circles. If your chain is very long, it may not be great to wear while keeping active.

Our necklace collection includes the popular Figaro chain, 8mm thick Curb chains, 1.5mm Cuban chains, and other thin chains that help give you that subtle look. We have a stylish selection of gold and silver pendants that you can pair with chains of your choice. Some of them are the Compass North Star, the silver Medusa, and the Double-Sided Smiley Pendant, all of which come with the guarantee that they will never fade. Chains are made from different metals ranging from oxidized sterling silver to solid gold, waxed cord or even beads. A gold chain can help you achieve a luxurious look and feel, while silver generally looks more subtle.

Silver chains can be dressed up or down with a t-shirt or worn casually with a jacket and crisp button-down. Gold chains provide a standout look that oozes confidence—but only in the right hands. Yes, the learning curve is steep, but by no means should you shy away from them.

How to wear men’s necklaces with a casual look

The truth is, how a man should wear jewelry and what jewelry men can wear are fluid concepts. The chain or cord of a necklace can take many, many forms. This doesn’t mean there aren’t large, metallic or jeweled cross pendants and things like that out there. They’re just not going to be the sort of quiet, stylish accent piece that a man’s jewelry ideally should be. My opinion is that these pieces should be understated and simple — fine to share with people in situations where you’re taking your shirt off. You don’t want it to be the first thing someone notices about you from the other side of a room though. These have been worn by men for the better part of a century and are a statement on their own whether they’re worn to dress up a T-shirtor a suit.

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And if your chain is very short, it may not go with the types of tops you normally wear. When shopping for a new piece of jewelry , it’s a good idea to determine what look you want to achieve. For example, if you have a round face that you would like to appear longer, it’s best to choose a necklace that will emphasize the length of your face. A necklace that is 20’’ to 24’’ long will bring the eye down and effortlessly slim your face.

Because the metal basically defines the appearance of all the jewel, it is necessary to find the noblest material possible to obtain a product of superior quality. Avoid cheap alternatives and opt for gold, silver or platinum quality. Pendants often look best with a chain of between 22” – 24”inches which finishes in the middle of your chest. Establish in 2016, Surflegacy offers surf, nautical, viking and religion-inspired leather jewelry for men and women.

The necklace is punctuated by great colorful glass beads that add a subtle touch of interest to any outfit. The stainless steel chain can accompany you anywhere. And if you live an active lifestyle, bonus points for its approachable price point and rugged construction. The most popular thickness is around the 1-2 millimeter range, and the stakes get considerably higher when it comes to 8-12mm chains. Good, because there are thick chains available in all stripes. Unless wearing dozens of diamonds around your neck doesn’t move the needle for you, consider this a special occasion chain.

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